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I am proud to be able to bring my business consultancy #KeepingMum® to Queensbury, business consultants specialising in collaboration of industry experts offering services in: Strategy: Project and Programme Management: Global Mobility: Immigration Services: Development: Digital and Strategic Marketing.  I have joined their Equality Diversity and Inclusion team heading up the "Family" stream.  If you are interested in hearing more click on the Queensbury Logo and please do make contact if this is of interest to you and your business or organisation.

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What is?

Bespoke services for businesses to support the working mother/parent from their pregnancy, maternity leave and  to their return to work.  Ranging from:

  • Maternity/Breastfeeding policy edit and audit

  • Estate assessment to establish the current offering for pregnant and breastfeeding employees

  • Report on findings and delivery of a proposal of solutions to improve provision for this cohort of staff

  • Maternity leave and Return Work Gifts Boxes

  • Setting up MumPod® Mothers' Rooms

  • Strategise for Family Manager Workshops


#KeepingMum came from the notion to keep Mums in their careers that they have invested their time in before entering the "family" phase.  It is no coincidence the Gender Pay Gap widens at the point in which women begin to have babies. Studies have shown if employers implement breastfeeding friendly policy they can improve staff retention of both men and women (1), reduce sick, carer's leave and ultimately the Gender Pay Gap.  With #KeepingMum consultancy and services we work to support you to become a Family Friendly employer.


1.“Business Case for Breastfeeding.” Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work | Business Case for Breastfeeding, Accessed 29 Mar. 2020.

Keeping Mum Logo 2.png
Keeping Mum Logo 2.png
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